It’s official (I’ve updated linkedin and everything…), I have a new job!  So the countdown is on, and I’m moving to Aberdeen in T minus 19 days!   Advertisements

Happy New Year! For Hogmanay this year we decided to take a wee trip to Stonehaven to see the Fireball Ceremony.  I feel it would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge Jerry Lee Lewis at this point, so for your wonder & delight here is the great man himself.  I should mention that this song […]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you… a post about Glasgow!  More specifically, our Halloween adventure! This weekend we headed along to the Itison Drive-in movie at Victoria Park to watch Halloween, on the big screen.  The park was transformed into a little piece of (rather muddy, thanks to the biblical amounts of […]

Just a quick wee post – it’s been a very busy week and I’ve (finally) handed in my notice at work so I can move up to Aberdeen at Christmas!  Can’t wait, even though everyone in my office seems to have a horror story about living there…!  I’m choosing to ignore them all and be excited […]

Good afternoon!  Hope you are keeping warm on this miserable October day – I’ve finally cracked and switched the heating on so I’m nice and toasty (I have pretended this is to make thesis writing more tolerable but it’s mostly for the cat’s benefit…) Last weekend we took a trip to Dunnottar Castle just outside […]

This weekend we went to visit some friends and their extremely cute baby in Elgin.  We had a great time catching up and laughed our heads off watching the wee one crawl after the laser pointer – who knew babies like to chase them as much as cats do! On the way back to Aberdeen […]

Encouraged by the words of a certain Miss Minaj and the sunny skies, we headed out to Aberdeen Beach on Saturday.  It was a lovely bright day, but a bit chilly so we didn’t stay too long.  We’ll definitely be back soon, especially now we’ve got a car & won’t have to walk the whole […]