Dolphins Optional…

This weekend we went to visit some friends and their extremely cute baby in Elgin.  We had a great time catching up and laughed our heads off watching the wee one crawl after the laser pointer – who knew babies like to chase them as much as cats do!

On the way back to Aberdeen on Sunday, we decided to investigate the Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay.  After following a dubious looking sign towards the ‘visitor attraction’ and a few miles down a twisty turny road, we found the car park & popped in for a look about.  The SDC is housed over two separate buildings; the main visitor centre with information, gift shop & cafe and the refurbished ice house which houses an exhibit about the history of salmon fishing in the North East.  Buoyed by the knowledge that not only had dolphins been spotted on the Saturday, but also seals and whales, we rushed out to the beach for a look.


Some cute wooden dolphins in the car park –  this got me even more excited!


Can you believe this was taken at the end of September?  In Scotland?!


The beach was a lot more pebble-y (that is totally a word!) than sandy, and we had to be careful to keep our footing while we walked along the steeper sections, but we enjoyed getting out and about the stretch our legs, and soak up some of the sunshine.  It was so nice we didn’t even have to stick on our coats – this is practically unheard of!



We walked along the beach for about an hour, but it was in vain as unfortunately we didn’t see a single dolphin – we saw heaps of seagulls though…  I checked the centre’s twitter page today to see if it had just been a quiet day, but it looks as it we must have just missed a dolphin sighting, as the centre tweets show there were dolphins munching on some salmon about 1.30 yesterday.  Bad timing on our part!

Although we didn’t end up spotting any fishy (I know they are mammals, I just like the alliteration!) friends, we enjoyed getting out and about, skimming some stones and enjoying the sea breeze.  This was our first adventure since we bought the car (Lester the Fiesta.  So named because if you say it as if you are a New Yoik-er, it kind of rhymes…  Well, very nearly rhymes…), so we were pretty pleased we managed to get there and back in one place with minimal getting lost / crashing.



Skimming action shot!


Although we were unlucky and didn’t see anything this time, we’ll definitely be back in future – it’s less than half an hour from Elgin and about 80 minutes from Aberdeen, so worth a wee visit on a Sunday afternoon. x


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