Halloween at the Drive-in…

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you… a post about Glasgow!  More specifically, our Halloween adventure!

This weekend we headed along to the Itison Drive-in movie at Victoria Park to watch Halloween, on the big screen.  The park was transformed into a little piece of (rather muddy, thanks to the biblical amounts of rain we’ve had recently) Americana with the world’s largest LED screen showing Ghostbusters (for the kids and big kids) and Halloween (for idiotic people like me who wished to terrify themselves).

We’d been warned that the traffic on previous nights had been wild, so set off nice & early, but we were pleasantly surprised to drive straight into the park with no fuss.  We were handed a programme and a glow stick by some friendly folks and got parked up in front of the screen.  We had a wander around to the food stands, supplied by Glasgow’s popular Street Food Cartel, but decided to pass and munch on our own goodies in the warmth of the car!  As we were walking around we spotted a few Michael Myers lurking around – I should have realised then how much of a total wimp I was/am…  Once we got back inside Lesta, we tuned up the radio and enjoyed listening to the Halloween warm up tunes and watched the big screen for Michael’s twitter updates.


A fairly poor quality photo of the screen.  N.B. Must wash the car…

The film started at 10.25 pm after a ‘weather forecast’ with a difference from Sean Batty (a local TV weatherman) warning of pumpkin showers and ghostly goings-on in the local area.  This was followed by a Ghostbusters’ sing along which certainly got our car in the Halloween mood, and prompted us to get put masks on!


Now, I’d been feeling a bit on edge the whole evening – I’m not great with scary films.  So much so that my husband was surprised when I announced I’d bought tickets for the event.  I realised just how nervous I was feeling when a plastic bag flew into our windscreen and I nearly died of fright.  I maintain I thought it was a ghost…  My viewing companion was not very sympathetic though and nearly died laughing!  Once the film began I started to feel even more creeped out.  I stuck with it though, until Michael Myers started banging the windows of the car next to us!  I actually screamed the place down, much to the amusement of the adjacent cars!  Looking back at this, it’s quite clever that they had people in the crowd to do this – but at the time it made me feel really uncomfortable and I spent the rest of the screening with my eyes closed underneath my mask, holding on to the car door with all my strength! What a big baby!

Although I will never be watching a scary film in a dark park in the middle of the night while ‘crazed killers’ wander around (haha!), I really hope the drive-in movies become a regular event.  For £25 a car, it works out cheaper than a night at the cinema if you go with some friends, and it’s certainly a lot more fun!  Next time though, I’ll probably go see Ghostbusters, just to be on the safe side…



  1. Haha! I love scary movies but I would have probably acted the same way… jumping at every little sound. I’ve never heard of a drive thru movie on Halloween–what a great idea!

  2. It was such a good idea – apparently they had trick or treating (we’d call it ‘guising’ here in Scotland) for all the kids before the Ghostbuster screenings!

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